Cold Appetizers


Ham & Melon

Pork Medallian

Farmer Pate

Salami Cornettes

Ham & Cream Cheese Rolls

Devilled Eggs

Camembert & Grapes

Celery Stilton Cheese

Hot Appetizers


Sausage Rolls

Mini Pizza

Chicken Fingers

Cocktail Sausage

Swedish Meatballs

Chinese Egg Rolls

Mushroom with Curried Chicken

Curried Chicken Skewers

Battered Mushrooms

Beef Teriyaki Skewers

Boneless Dried Ribs

Chicken Wings

Cold Seafood


Smoked Oysters


Baby Shrimps with Dill

Crabmeat on Cucumber

Smoked Salmon Rouladen

Lemon, Lime Marinated Scallops

Salmon Mousse

Hot Seafood


Crab Puffs

Breaded Scallops

Breaded Shrimps

Scallops wrapped in Bacon

Shrimps with Herbs

Mini Bouchees with Crab

Shrimp Tempura